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Mitchell Potatoes join as an NFFF Associate Member

Article Date: 2019-08-21

The National Federation of Fish Friers Ltd (NFFF) is delighted to announce Mitchell Potatoes as the latest organisation to become an NFFF Associate Member.

NFFF Associate Members play an essential role in providing products and services to the fish frying industry, and supporting the NFFF in maintaining fish and chips as the UK’s Number 1 takeaway meal.

David Mitchell said “As a family we have been involved with the growing and marketing of chipping potatoes for three generation which totals over 100 years.

We have a full understanding on potatoes from the seed going in the ground and growing to the procurement and distribution. Our history has provided us to establish long term relationship with many professional growers.

Our knowledge and passion for potatoes drives us forward and we want to help pass this passion on to our customer and the members of the NFFF. We want to provide the fish and chip industry with the right product at the right price.”

NFFF President, Andrew Crook said "We are delighted to welcome Mitchell Potatoes as an NFFF Associate Member.

As a Federation it is important to showcase the products and services available to our members. As an industry it is important to work together and push the industry forward, working with Mitchell Potatoes will assist in this.

Without potatoes we simply wouldn’t be able to produce the dish we all know and love.. By working with Mitchells Potatoes we will be able provide our members further knowledge and updates on the potato sector."

The National Federation of Fish Friers is looking forward to working with Mitchell Potatoes into the foreseeable future for the benefit of our members.


Mitchell Potatoes Ltd

Tel: 01926 633323


Contact: Stuart Mitchell (Managing Director) Angus Mitchell (Sales), David Mitchell (Buying)

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