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Millers wins Foodservice Champion of the Year at MSC UK’s seafood sustainability awards

Article Date: 2019-07-08

Millers Fish and Chips has scooped Foodservice Champion of the Year at the Marine Stewardship Council UK’s Sustainable Seafood Forum and Awards at the historic Fishmongers’ Hall in London on July 8, 2019.

Millers Fish and Chips is a fourth-generation family run fish and chip shop located in Haxby, York. They have been MSC certified for the past 3 years. As the UK’s number one Fish and Chip shop in the National Fish & Chip Awards last year, they used their platform to raise awareness about the importance of serving sustainable seafood using the blue MSC fish logo.

They participated in or hosted a number of events in collaboration with the MSC, including the Keep It wild 20th anniversary, Sustainable Friday, and Seafood Week, and they regularly support the MSC across their social media channels.

Nick Miller, from Millers Fish and Chips, said: “We’re delighted to have won MSC Foodservice Champion of the Year and be recognized by the MSC this year. It’s incredibly important to us to be able to reassure customers that we are operating sustainably and value the oceans that have provided us with a thriving industry for many years.

“It’s our collective responsibility to make sure that it continues to do so for many more years to come. Being MSC certified sends out a really strong message that people want to hear. It says that, as a fish and chip shop, you are doing the right thing – not just by the environment we live in now, but for future generations.

Loren Hiller, Commercial Officer at Marine Stewardship Council, said: “Millers Fish and Chips have consistently gone above and beyond just simply using the MSC blue fish label on their menu. They have always been proactive in using their platform to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable sourcing and the MSC, ensuring everybody can play a part in securing a healthy future ocean.

“They’re undoubtably dedicated to ensuring fish for future generations, and are great representatives not just for the industry, but consumers too.  This award is well and truly deserved and we look forward to all of our future work with them.”


The MSC UK awards in full:

Supermarket of the Year? - Tesco

Tesco won this award for making tremendous improvement in the percentage of their wild range that is MSC certified and labelled. They have increased the number of MSC labelled products available and lead this category in volume of MSC products sold.  


Fish Counter of the Year? - Waitrose  

Waitrose have been recognised for the second year in a row for the broad range of products and species on their fish counters. They use their counters to promote the MSC and communicate about their sustainable sourcing credentials.  

Mid-Size Store Retailer of the Year? - Lidl  

Lidl have been awarded for continuing to make great progress with their range of MSC labelled fish. Lidl regularly communicate about the MSC to their customers.


Newcomer of the Year? - JD Wetherspoon  

JD Wetherspoon joined the MSC programme in July 2018 and made an immediate impact using the MSC label to promote its sustainably sourced fish and chips. Wetherspoon is helping to ensure that diners can enjoy this British staple with a good conscience, knowing that they are helping to protect the life in our oceans for generations to come.   

Canned Brand of the Year? - John West 

John West are presented with this award for their range of products bearing the MSC label. From its regular offerings of tuna and salmon to new lobster products, John West has continued to make great progress offering a range of MSC certified products.

Frozen Brand of the Year - Birds Eye 

Birdseye received this award for their continued commitment to labelling their products with the MSC logo. This year the company increased the number of MSC labelled products.


Marketing Campaign of the Year - Lidl  

Lidl are proactive in communicating their sustainability credentials. Following their popular TV ad focused on MSC certified mussels, Lidl have rolled out a number of instore billboards, permanent point of sale displays and hanging signs promoting their MSC certification seafood and commitment to sustainable sourcing.  

Menu of the Year? - Lussmanns  

Lussmanns has worked closely with their supplier, Stickleback Fish Company, to create a 100% MSC certified menu. Lussmanns are currently the only restaurant group in the UK with a 100% MSC menu.

Retail Supplier of the Year Thistle Seafoods

Thistle Seafoods has been supplying MSC certified fish since 2006 and has been instrumental in the success of the UK retail industry continuing to increase its offering of sustainably sourced products. 

Foodservice Wholesaler of the Year - Brakes 

Brakes are being presented with this award for having the largest volume and most extensive range of MSC seafood on offer to the foodservice sector. Since bringing the first MSC certified product to the food service industry in 2001, Brakes’ offering has grown to over 250 different product lines.  

Fresh Foodservice Wholesaler of the Year - M&J Seafood 

M&J Seafood are receiving this award for their large range and volume of MSC certified species on sale to restaurants and hospitality businesses across the UK. Through their leadership, they are creating new opportunities for these businesses to label more and more dishes on their menus.   

University of the?Year? - The University of Manchester 

The University of Manchester were handed this award for the largest volume of MSC seafood served out of all certified universities in the UK. The University of Manchester has over 40,000 students.


Foodservice Champion of the Year - Millers Fish and Chips

Millers Fish and Chips, a fourth-generation family run fish and chip shop located in Haxby, York, have been MSC certified for the past three years. As the UK’s number 1 Fish and Chip shop last year, they used their platform to raise awareness about the importance of serving sustainable seafood using the blue MSC fish logo.

Special Achievement?Award? - Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation 

Scottish Shellfish Management Organisation (SSMO) Shetland Inshore Brown Crab & Scallop fisheries were first certified in 2012 with 8 conditions for improvement. In order to close out these 8 conditions, the fisheries implemented a number of changes and last year were successfully recertified with only one new condition.

Scientific Contribution to Seafood Sustainability  - Cornish Sardine Management Association  

The Cornish Sardine Management Association (CSMA) is a group of Cornish fishermen and processors, formed in 2004, to agree common standards for catching, processing and marketing Cornish sardine. The Cornish Sardine fishery was certified by the MSC in 2010 and re-certified in 2017. 

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