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Merchants^ success story

Article Date: 2013-04-10


Merchants of Stourbridge has joined the fish frying elite from across the UK and has scooped the prestigious Fish and Chip Quality Award.

Merchants won the award by providing exceptional quality and maintaining high standards of hygiene. Their fryers also showed high levels of competence.

This award sets the new benchmark for quality within the industry. It will signal to the consumer that they can buy with confidence where the award is displayed, and it will encourage more outlets to raise their standards.

Each Fish and Chip Quality Award is valid for two years and retention is dependent on standards being maintained and validated by NFFF officials and appointed assessors.

Margot James MP for Stourbridge, Mayor Councillor Melvyn Mottram and Mayoress Michelle Mottram, presented the award on 3rd April.

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