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Lincolnshire Chip Shop Announced as Seafood Ambassador

Article Date: 2019-11-22

The Elite Fish & Chip Company has been named as an ambassador for larger portion sizes of boneless and filleted cod – a new and bespoke product launched by the Norwegian Seafood Council and the Ramoen trawler.

The award-winning fish and chip chain, which has three restaurants and takeaways in Lincolnshire, has been selected as one of 12 fish and chip shops in the country to be an ambassador for one of Ramoen’s new product lines – 12 to 16oz and 16 to 32oz boneless and skinless grades of fish.

A pre-launch was held on Wednesday 20th November at The Cod’s Scallops in Nottingham, where ambassadors from a selection of the UK’s top fish and chip shops and Michelin-starred restauranteurs gathered to discuss Norwegian whitefish and the future of sustainable fish and chips.

The Ramoen’s cod was served as battered and panko goujons, as part of the three-course meal prepared by award-winning fish and chip company, The Cod’s Scallops.

The Ramoen trawler is a frozen-at-sea vessel which processes whitefish from the cold, clean waters of the Barents Sea in Norway which is MSC-certified.

The Ramoen’s line of frozen-at-sea larger boneless and filleted cod is caught, processed and packed within six hours. The event commemorated the collaboration between the Norwegian Seafood Council, the Ramoen and one of the UK’s leading suppliers of seafood to retailers and the foodservice industries, Smales, to increase awareness that origin matters when it comes to premium quality and sustainability.

Speaking at the pre-launch, Rachel Tweedale, co-director at The Elite Fish & Chip Company, said: “We’re thrilled to have been selected as one of 12 fish and chip shops in the country to represent Ramoen’s new product.

“We spend a lot of time preparing the food we serve as well as cooking it; one of our daily tasks is to prepare the fish by removing any bones from each piece when we receive a delivery every morning.

“Stocking this new product means that we’ll be able to save time and won’t have to remove any bones from the fish as it will be delivered to us in a ready-to-cook condition. The new larger, boneless and skinless cod is also certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and as MSC members we’re always keen to champion sustainably sourced products.”   

Hans Frode Kielland Asmyhr, UK Director at the Norwegian Seafood Council, said: “We’re delighted with the reception that we’ve had from our ambassadors who are all keen to use sustainably sourced Norwegian seafood.”

Katrine Florvaag, Sales Director at Ramoen, said: “One of the exclusive benefits of the new boneless and filleted cod is that x-ray guided laser-cutting technology will be used to guarantee consistently sized portions of fish – and the Ramoen is one of the first frozen-at-sea vessels in the world to own technology that can produce this new product line.

“Fish fryers and chefs will get to be more creative with the cod while also benefiting from added value as more portions will be filleted owing to the larger size of the fish.”

The new boneless and filleted cod is now available from Smales to fish and chip shops and restaurants across the UK. To keep up to date with the product launch, visit:

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