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Lincoln Chippy Nets a Sustainable First

Article Date: 2013-08-14

Lincoln^s fish and chip lovers have reason to celebrate this week after the city^s Burton Road Chippy became the first in the county to be awarded Marine Stewardship Council certification. This means that the haddock on Burton Road^s menu can be traced back to sustainable, well-managed fisheries which are helping ensure a sustainable future for our oceans.

Owner, Des Anastasiou explained: "Our oceans have provided us with a living, it^s time to give something back and that^s care. By getting MSC certified we^re proving that we care for the oceans."  

Award-winning fish and chips

Burton Road has a long history of scooping awards for their fish and chips. They are regional winners of The National Fish and Chip Awards (making them one of the top 10 chippies in the UK) and are current champions of ^The best chippy chips in the UK^ run by the Potato Council. They also hold the NFFF Quality Award - only awarded to the best fish and chip shops in the UK.   

Ruth Westcott, Foodservice Manager for the MSC welcomed the certification: "Every MSC certified haddock that Burton Road serves will help to encourage fisheries to improve their sustainability. Less than twenty fish and chip shops in the UK have achieved MSC certification so they are true pioneers. That^s great news for fish and chips fans in Lincoln, and throughout the county. I hope that their success will help to inspire others to follow their lead."  

Fish Friers