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Leading restaurants celebrate World Oceans Day

Article Date: 2015-07-02

The Environmental Justice Foundation’s (EJF) Save the Sea Restaurant Campaign is now in full swing, with prominent German and UK restaurants collecting donations throughout June, July and August to spread the word about sustainability and traceability in seafood supply chains, and to celebrate World Oceans Day.

The Campaign, which was launched on Monday 1st June, sees participating restaurants promoting sustainable seafood and raising essential funds for EJF’s Oceans work which combats illegal pirate fishing, protects marine biodiversity and ensures the livelihoods and food security of coastal communities. Restaurants are adding an opt-out £1 donation onto every bill or are offering a sustainable seafood dish with a £1 donation included in the menu price.

In the last three years, the campaign has received support from 53 restaurants with 32 Michelin stars between them, raising over £25,000 for EJF’s Oceans Campaign.

This year, for the first time, EJF has extended the Restaurant Campaign to restaurants in Germany. The participating restaurants in Germany are Gasthaus zum Raben, Landhaus Scherrer, Cornelia Poletto, La Vie and Jellyfish. They join leading UK restaurants, including Restaurant Martin Wishart, Tom’s Kitchen Deli, Café St Honore and Firmdale Hotels, in promoting sustainable seafood and raising funds for EJF’s Oceans Campaign.

World Oceans Day is a global celebration of our planet’s oceans, where people around the world come together to recognise the importance and fragility of the waters that make up 99% of the living space on our Earth. This initiative for World Oceans Day aims to highlight how UK and German restaurants can make a huge difference close to home by sourcing and choosing sustainable caught fish caught using environmentally friendly methods. The participating restaurants are demonstrating how sustainable sourcing and consumer choices can help protect our oceans and keep seafood on our menus in the long term.

Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) or ‘pirate’ fishing has been identified as one of the most serious threats to the world’s fisheries. Globally, pirate fishing is estimated to be worth US $10-23 billion annually, representing up to an estimated 30% of the world’s total catch. By ignoring national and international laws and regulations, pirate fishing fleets are destroying marine habitats, decimating wildlife and undermining vulnerable coastal communities that depend upon natural marine resources for their food security and livelihoods.

EJF’s Oceans Campaign aims to eradicate ‘pirate’ fishing. EJF is working to create full transparency and traceability within seafood supply chains and markets and to actively promote improvements to policy-making, corporate governance and management of fisheries along with consumer activism and market-driven solutions. EJF’s work has resulted in prosecutions, fines and the eradication of illegal fishing vessels from areas reserved for artisanal fishers in West African countries including Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia.


What the participants say:

Tom Aikens – Tom’s Kitchen Deli

"As a long term supporter of EJF^s Save the Sea campaign, I am delighted to take part in this growing initiative to protect the world^s oceans. I am proud to play a part in EJF’s inspiring work protecting marine biodiversity, endangered wildlife and the vulnerable fishing communities in some of the world^s poorest nations.”

Martin Wishart – Restaurant Martin Wishart, The Honours, Martin Wishart at Loch Lomond

"By supporting this campaign in my restaurants, we can help to educate the public on this pressing worldwide issue. Diners’ contributions are so greatly appreciated. I strongly believe this cause will help to minimise further devastation in our seas.”

Geoffrey Smeddle – The Peat Inn

"It is a great privilege to be included once again in this year^s Save the Sea Restaurant Campaign and World Ocean^s Day. Restaurateurs and chefs recognise the importance of leading the way in protecting our planet and it is wonderful that so many guests embrace this attitude as well. The Environmental Justice Foundation is instrumental in spreading this message and reminding us all of our responsibilities.”

David Sneddon – The Larder on Goosegate

^I^m very pleased to be able to support this campaign & bring it to the attention of our customers this July. Ethical & sustainable working practices are something we all need to be not just aware of, but actively support & participate in helping foster change^.

Sam Harrison – Harrison’s and Sam’s Brasserie and Bar

"I am delighted that both my restaurants, Sam’s Brasserie & Harrison’s, are taking part in the Save the Sea Restaurant Campaign. This is a cause that I really believe in and will raise very important funding to protect our seas. We will be donating £1 for every Whole Plaice ordered at both restaurants throughout the campaign.”

Steve Trent, Executive Director of EJF, said:

"EJF is proud to work with chefs and restaurants who are not only producing wonderful, inspired dishes, but are passionate about sourcing food ethically and sustainably. From those who avoid threatened fish or air freighting, to those who source from local fishermen or select species caught without damaging marine ecosystems, everyone involved in our Save the Sea Restaurant Campaign knows how important our seafood choices are in protecting ocean life and all the people whose livelihoods and food depend on it.

100% of funds raised by this campaign will go directly to our cost efficient project which combats illegal pirate fishing in West Africa, protects threatened species, including sharks, turtles, rays and dolphins, and promotes transparency and traceability in seafood supply chains globally. Each and every restaurant manager, chef, hospitality team and diner is contributing to tackling the urgent threats that illegal fishing and overfishing pose to fish stocks, marine ecosystems, fishermen and the livelihoods and food security of vulnerable coastal communities. This World Oceans Day we^re working together to defend the environment and human rights."

For information about how to take part in the Save the Sea Restaurant Campaign please visit:

Further information about EJF’s Oceans Campaign can be found

A short film about the issue of illegal fishing, which EJF is working to address, can be viewed here:

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