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Article Date: 2019-03-28

Yesterday saw the conclusion of the KFE on a Mission Fundraiser.  Organised by KFE, this event takes place to raise money for the Fishermen’s Mission Charity, and also raises awareness of the work they do.

Over two and a half days trainers from the KFE Frying School of Excellence and the NFFF Training Academy worked their way across the UK to finish at the Scallop Shell in Bath, where a charity dinner took place.  A grand total of £13,000 was raised.

The Fishermen’s Mission reaches out to both active and retired fishermen by providing practical, spiritual and financial support – as well as a vital emergency response service.

They are the only national charity that works solely to help fishermen and their families, and for over 130 years of service, the Fishermen’s Mission has stayed true to their Christian calling with a strong tradition and proud heritage.

NFFF President Andrew Crook, who attended the charity event had the following to say, “Fish and chips and the people involved never fail to amaze me. The work which KFE and everyone involved has undertaken is incredible. It’s not just the past three days but the months before with the planning which is involved to host and organise such a great event.

Everyone who has been involved can be proud including the trainers, those who have donated for the trainers to visit their shop and to everyone who attended the charity dinner.

Without the fisherman we wouldn’t be able to serve and enjoy fish and chips, I’m sure all the money raised over the past few days will go to great causes and help assist the Fisherman’s Mission with the work they undertake.”

Thanks, must go to the trainers who supported the event by giving up their time and knowledge free of charge to make the event possible; Craig Maw & Nikki Mutton from Kingfisher Fish and Chips, Lesley Graves and Des Anastasiou from Burton Road Chippy, Stuart Fusco from Quayside, Calum Richardson from The Bay, Gordan Hillan, Mark Petrou from Petrou Brothers, Nigel Hodgson from Hodgson’s, Fred Capel from Chez Fred and finally Tim & Kelly Barnes from Krispies. 

The event was supported by industry supplies and a big thank you must go to Kerry Foodservice, Bold Catering, BD Signs, CF Capital, Drywite Limited, Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck, Middleton Foods, Premier 1 Filtration, Smales and T Quality.

Fish Friers