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Article Date: 2016-04-15

How to set up your Workplace Pension Scheme

1. Why set up now?

As an employer you are required to provide a qualifying workplace pension for your staff. It is the law.

The NFFF have secured a reduced rate for their Members so that they set up early with a pension provider that will administer and look after your staff pension scheme. The pension provider is Carey Corporate Pensions and the sooner they know about you, the sooner they know the numbers they need to look after and can get resources in place and ready for all of our NFFF Member’s workplace schemes.

There will be a shortage of pension providers willing to take on smaller employers over the next few years, so the sooner you secure your scheme, the better.

You don’t want to miss your staging date and risk a hefty fine from the Pensions regulator. Fines can be anything from £10 to £500 PER DAY.

2. Webinar

Setting up your Workplace Pension for your staff

You will be shown the simple online process to set up your scheme. How to find your staging date. Your employer duties and the fines you could face. Auto-enrolment challenges and why you should set up early. Set up online following the Webinar, with our Helpdesk on hand to assist you, if needed. 3. Webinar dates

Monday April 18th - 10.00am Tuesday April 19th - 10.00am Monday April 25th - 10.00am Tuesday April 26th - 11.00am

4. Click on the follow link to register for a free webinar

You will get email confirmation of your registration and reminders to attend on the date.

A drop down list will appear for you to choose the date you wish to attend.

Unsure? Email us with your Name, Company and Phone number and we will book your place for you
5. I have a question or need help

Contact us on 0330 124 1510. Tell us that you are a Member of the NFFF and we will prioritise your call with our dedicated Helpdesk.
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