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JJ Food Service hits record number of Women in the Warehouse

Article Date: 2017-10-25

National wholesaler JJ Food Service has increased the number of females working in the warehouse from zero to 13% in just six months, following its ‘Women in the Warehouse’ recruitment campaign.

JJ Food Service COO, Mushtaque Ahmed, said, "Minor workplace adjustments have taken the physicality out of the traditional warehouse, helping to attract more females and a greater diversity of people – it’s had a big impact and we have successfully widened our talent pool.”

Many of the new recruits who started on the warehouse floor have already progressed into sales and customer service roles. JJ’s recruitment push started in January 2017 and was boosted with an advertising campaign highlighting the different roles and benefits available in the warehouse.

Last week, the Award-winning business launched a new recruitment campaign at the Women in Wholesale Conference, aimed at making UK wholesale a more attractive place to work.

"As wholesalers, our image is not our best friend – our new recruitment video demonstrates the diversity of exciting careers and opportunities available,” added Mushtaque.

View the video here:

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