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Hunger for healthy diet remains post-covid

Article Date: 2020-09-02

Consumers still want to eat more healthy and sustainable food despite the impact of coronavirus.

Retail analysis company IGD claimed more than half of consumers (57%) surveyed are already changing their diets or are considering making changes to be healthier and more sustainable – even though this is down from 66% in 2019.

However, 38% of respondents fear eating more healthy food will increase their food bills.

IGD head of nutrition and scientific affairs Hannah Pearse said: “We faced significant health and environmental challenges before covid-19 and the global pandemic has brought these issues into the spotlight. Not only has covid-19 highlighted our reliance on an effective and efficient food supply chain, it has reinforced that our diets are inextricably linked with our health. Evidence has shown that people living with obesity are 50% more likely to die from covid-19.”

IGD claimed health is now an even bigger motivator for consumers to improve their diet in the wake of coronavirus, with almost two thirds (63%) of people citing health as their primary driver up from 58% in 2019.

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