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Fish Friers

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall celebrates NFFF^s centenary in Bridlington

Article Date: 2013-07-25

The weather didn’t dampen the spirits when HRH The Duchess of Cornwall visited NFFF members Fish and Chips at 149 in Bridlington to celebrate the NFFF’s centenary year. Fish and Chips at 149 was specifically selected by Clarence House because, as holders of The NFFF Fish and Chip Quality Award, the Duchess wanted to experience our national dish at the highest standard, both in terms of food and customer service.

Wearing a crisp white dress, HRH was in Bridlington as part of her visit to East Yorkshire with her husband, HRH The Prince of Wales. 

With umbrella in hand, HRH first met NFFF Treasurer Andrew Crook, who presented her with a plaque commemorating the NFFF’s centenary. The plaque featured two photos: one taken in 1913 of the Federation’s founder members, and the other an equivalent photo of our Executive Council taken last month in Manchester at the AGM and Banquet and Ball 100 years on. 

HRH was then introduced to NFFF General Secretary Denise Dodd before climbing the shop steps to meet the owners Sue Gilbertson and John Hutchinson. HRH was then pleasantly surprise when she was presented inside the shop with a posy of flowers in the NFFF colours from Leeds resident Edna Beevers, who eagerly travelled with Denise for the royal visit. It was especially fitting because Edna, a huge fan of fish and chips, also celebrates her centenary year and hadn’t been to the seaside in years! 

After Edna said a few words – possibly on the secrets of how to live long and prosper – HRH tucked in to some of the finest haddock and chips.   

Sue Gilbertson said, “We were thrilled and honoured to welcome HRH The Duchess of Cornwall to Fish and Chips at 149. It was amazing for our wonderful staff, the people of Bridlington and HRH was given a very warm welcome indeed.”

Denise and Andrew then took Edna to the sea front to enjoy ice cream and to rekindle memories of her childhood holidays.  

Fish Friers