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Article Date: 2016-01-05

New Resource To Improve Chip Quality And Increase Sales

From good potato management to the ultimate frying tips, delivering the best quality chips has just got easier thanks to a brand new online resource from AHDB Potatoes.

Developed as part of its investment in driving up chip skills across the fish and chip shop sector, a wealth of information that owners and frying staff will find invaluable. It is split into four easy-to-navigate sections, including:

·Good potato management – practical advice on buying potatoes; including varietal information, correct storage and stock rotation practises to maximise profit and minimise waste, as well as best practise peeling and frying procedures to deliver consistent results

·Chip tips – simple downloadable guides with quick reference tips for great tasting and healthier chips, as well as advice on how to run successful promotions

·Marketing and promotion – ideas to help successfully build your local PR and social media profiles

·Understanding the market – delving into consumption habits and the offers which most excite customers

Kate Cox, marketing manager for AHDB Potatoes, said:"We recognise that the fish and chip shop industry is unique, and as such it requires market-specific information. We have collated all of the material from our exisiting ‘chip skills’ portal and added information about market influences and consumption patterns, to create a dedicated, one-stop-shop for the sector.

"As we know, competition in the quick service restauarant (QSR) sector is rife and this means businesses must stand out for the right reasons. Top quality chips and simple promotional tools and techniques can make a real diffrence and have significant impact, in terms of sales, awareness and customer retention – both in the short and longer term.

"We developed to be the go-to hub for best practise information for chip shop businesses; we believe it will add real value to the sector and help improve chip quality and boost sales as a result.”

Fish Friers