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Fylde Fresh and Fabulous joins the NFFF as Associate Member

Article Date: 2021-02-02

The National Federation of Fish Friers Ltd (NFFF) is delighted to announce Fylde Fresh & Fabulous as the latest organisation to become an NFFF associate member.

NFFF associate members play an essential role in providing products and services to the fish frying industry and in supporting the work of the NFFF in working towards the goal of maintaining fish and chips as the UK’s Number 1 takeaway meal.

Fylde Fresh & Fabulous are one of the UK’s most established potato producers, providing national coverage, supplying freshly peeled potatoes and chips under the FFF brand.

Every member of the Fylde Fresh and Fabulous team plays a vital role in sourcing, processing and then distributing potatoes and chips of the highest quality to food manufacturers, food service companies, and fish & chip shops.

This dedication to the job is underlined by the Fylde Fresh and Fabulous managers, comprising of an enthusiastic team blending youth and experience, who each apply their own unique knowledge and experience to drive the business forward.

About Fylde Fresh & Fabulous potatoes

Each potato which finds home in our fields across the UK is nurtured from the very moment they reach the soil; cultivated through those crucial early stages of growth to become the nourished and delicious potato which reaches the plate of your valued customer. Their satisfaction is ours.

Fylde, Fresh & Fabulous can trace each potato back to its field of origin ensuring the quality of our produce never dips, only exceeds.

Andrew Crook, President of NFFF said "We are delighted to welcome Fylde Fresh & Fabulous as an NFFF Associate Member.

As a Federation it is important to showcase the products and services available to our members. As an industry it is important to work together, working with Fylde Fresh & Fabulous will ensure the industry continues to move forward.”

Simon Leaver CEO of Fylde Fresh and Fabulous said “Fish and Chips shops are at the core of our FFF chip business. Being an associate member of NFFF is a great platform for us to get closer to everyone in the trade. We look forward to working with NFFF in the coming months and years.”

Fylde Fresh and Fabulous Ltd

Contact: James Crossley -  National Account Manager

Tel: 01253 836444




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