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FrymaxTM Updates Point of Sale To Comply With New Legislation

Article Date: 2014-11-20

FrymaxTM, the leading all-vegetable frying fat, is updating its customer support materials in order to meet the new EU legislation on the Food Information for Consumers Regulation. Cyril Solomons, marketing consultant for Frymax explains, "The Frymax posters, window stickers and Frying Guide have always been extremely popular with fryers and appear in hundreds of shops across the country. The changes we are making are minimal and ensure that the materials we send to our customers comply with the new legislation. We are also updating the Neoda logo, which gives added confidence to your customers about the quality of the oil you are using.” If you would like a new set of materials, please contact Frymax using the details below.

For the new Frymax Frying Guide please click here or for the two new posters please click here and here


For further information, please contact or phone 0771 4335464.


Frymax is a trademark of Olenex, a joint venture between Archer Daniels Midland Company and Wilmar International Limited.

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