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Article Date: 2014-04-15

Frymax, one of the great brands of the fish and chip trade, is celebrating its 60th year. The leading all-vegetable frying fat has built an enviable reputation for quality and consistency and earned its place as the frier’s favourite. In many shops, Frymax has been passed down through generations of friers.

The brand which was originally owned by Peerless became part of the Pura Foods range in the 1980s. It is currently owned by Olenex but continues to be produced at the Pura Foods plant at Purfleet in Essex. The hallmark of the brand is its quality and consistency, attributes which are fundamental to a successful food business. "We always remember that we are supporting your business and our objective is to provide you with a consistent, high quality frying medium to help you produce a great-tasting meal that will bring your customers back again and again,” said Andrew Marriott, brand and account manager for Frymax.

The frying fat is a key ingredient for a fish frier as it will influence the taste and texture of the fish and chips. Frymax delivers good, clean-tasting food every time. Chippy’s in Haverhill, Suffolk, has been using Frymax for 59 years. Third-generation owners Glenn and Chris Edwards say, "We have always fried in Frymax which is of consistent quality, odourless and doesn’t transfer taste. This means our customers get delicious fish and chips every time. We have never had a complaint about Frymax in almost sixty years.”

Frymax is produced using the finest refined and deodorised oils. The raw material is subject to a series of strict analytical tests ensuring that it is of the highest quality and adheres to tight specifications. It is refined before being tested again prior to being batch processed and packed under specific conditions specially established for Frymax. The aim is to ensure that Frymax users receive the finest quality product available.

The quality of the crude oil has always been paramount but today’s environmental concerns also focus on the source of the oil. The raw materials used in Frymax are fully sustainable and have been certified to come from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)-certified production units. The crude oils are fully traceable under the ‘segregated’ (SG) supply chain system.

Although Frymax has remained consistent in delivering high quality, good-tasting food, the fish and chip trade has changed greatly during the sixty years of Frymax. It is now a much more professional, highly regulated trade, facing a whole new range of competitive offerings. Friers need new skills, and Frymax supports training courses supplied by The National Federation of Fish Friers. Frymax also sponsors The Best Newcomer category in the Seafish Fish and Chip Awards designed to recognise and reward new top-quality shops.

Frymax’s reputation has been built on its block oil, but the extensive worldwide research and development facilities of Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) have recently been used to formulate a liquid frying medium with a frying life that is up to 50% longer than extended-life rapeseed oil.  Unlike Frymax, the frying oil is based on rapeseed oil and is an ideal product for the quality-conscious fryer who prefers to use a liquid frying medium.

Marriott explains: "Frymax is well established as the premium solid all-vegetable frying medium. Our new product brings Frymax quality to the liquid vegetable oil market and offers a longer life than traditional extended rapeseed oils. Its packaging format of 2 x 10 litre bottles in a case has been well received in the trade.”

For sixty years Frymax has served the frying trade with an excellent product based on the belief that a successful food business depends upon selling quality food using the best ingredients. By selling only top quality products and helping the trade to raise its standards and image, Frymax looks forward to the future with confidence.

If you or your family have used Frymax for more than 50 years then please contact Frymax on 0771 4335464 or

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