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‘Fry January’ campaign urges fish and chip fans to ask about portion size!

Article Date: 2018-01-23

Ahead of a new national campaign launching later this month, the UK fish and chip industry is encouraging fish and chip fans to continue to buy their favourite takeaway with confidence despite the January blues and health-conscious headlines.

The campaign, #FryJanuary is led by a partnership of industry organisations and is centred on the consumer requesting a choice of portion size to make sure they buy a meal they can manage, with reduced waste- and guilt!

The campaign, which has already launched on Twitter, actively encourages consumers to ask their local chippy about the choice of portion size they offer, to encourage them to offer a lighter option and support those chippies that already do.

Research* carried out in 2016 by national industry body, Seafish, showed a huge disparity in portion sizes between fish and chip shops, leading to considerable confusion for customers when it comes to working out the nutritional value of fish and chips.

#FryJanuary is the first phase in a much wider campaign to be launched soon campaign, which will continue to encourage consumers to ask for the choice of a lighter portion, which can lead to reduced wastage and better value for money, as well as the obvious health benefits.

John Rutherford, chairman of the Frozen at Sea Fillet Association (FASFA), said:

"Consumers are particularly health conscious at this time of year, and we want fish and chip fans to know they can still enjoy their favourite takeaway guilt-free as part of a balanced, healthy diet, by making sensible choices when it comes to the size of their portion.”

The industry is recommending that fish and chip shop owners help guide their customers through making the right decisions to reduce wastage by ensuring their menu offers a variety of portion choices to suit every appetite.

Consumers are being encouraged to join the conversation online by following@FishandChipLove and using the hashtag #FishandChipsLite.

Fish and chip shop owners wishing to learn more about the advantages of offering greater portion choice and the positive impact it can have on the environment can get in touch with the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF)

*Seafish ‘Does Size Matter?’ Report 2016
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