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From Field to Frier Free Event by Isle of Ely

Article Date: 2013-07-18

Have you ever wondered what it^s like for a potato to go from its humble beginnings to a fish and chip shop?

The wait is over. Isle of Ely Produce are to open their doors to chip shop owners and managers so they can see first-hand the process for themselves. The invitation is also extended to other industry suppliers. Isle of Ely Produce believe it is important that all providers (whether it be pies, mushy peas or packaging) should come and see what goes into producing a perfect potato!

The free event will be held on Monday 16th September in Ely, Cambridgeshire, and will be available on a first-come first-served basis.

Amongst the attendees will be NFFF President Gregg Howard and NFFF Treasurer Andrew Crook. 

Of the many highlights will be an afternoon visit to one of the largest potato farms in Cambridgeshire. After the educational day, guests may stay on in Ely and meet up later for a meal and a few drinks whilst discussing the latest trends in the industry and how everyone can get involved with promoting fish and chips!

Isle of Ely Produce sponsor the ^From Field to Frier Award^ in the National Fish and Chip Awards 2014 ( organised by Seafish. This new event is an extension of that commitment to the industry.

The From Field to Frier Award recognises businesses for their excellence in potato knowledge, sourcing and storage, and their attention to detail and skill in producing quality chips.

John Boutwood, MD of Isle of Ely Produce said: “Our purpose is very much to be at the heart of our business communities and to champion their aspirations and to support them - this event will help cement our position further and increase the bond we already have within the trade."

Gregg Howard, NFFF President said, "I am sure this day will be very useful for many friers^. Having the best potatoes available at the right time (and price)is a key part of making great fish and chips."

Kate Cox, The Potato Council marketing manager said, “This kind of event is a great way for those in the chip shop trade to gain a greater understanding of how the potato chipping sector operates. Not only that but the experience will also enable chip shop owners to confidently tell the story from field to fork to their customers." 

To take part (the day is free) e-mail your details to Alternatively, please phone Isle of Ely Produce on 01353 863355.

This FREE event will be first come first served and is expected to fill up soon. Maximum two people per shop/company please (already half full).

Evening stay (and hotel) is voluntary and would be at your expense but it will be a great chance for a catch up (and a few drinks) with key people from the industry!

Fish Friers