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Free Open Day - 15th September - Isle of Ely

Article Date: 2014-08-27

The top chip shops in the UK are today officially invited to a great educational FREE day and also the chance to network with some of the finest people in the industry!

Isle of Ely Produce are to once again open their doors to chip shop owners and managers so they can see firsthand the long and often arduous journey a potato makes before it reaches their shops
It will be an important day for all suppliers too as much of the day will be spent exchanging ideas and listening to key speakers presenting ideas from across the industry.

The event will be held on Monday 15th September in Ely, Cambridgeshire and will be available on a first come first served basis to top chip shop owners, managers & suppliers.

Included in the afternoon will be a visit to one of the biggest potato farmers in Cambridgeshire P.J. Lee & Sons. Here you will see them in action, as they welcome you to their ‘office’ – thousands of acres of fantastic fertile land which is ideal for growing the UK’s best chipping potatoes. Richard Lee will be on hand to have a chat and will give you an idea of just how much investment they’ve made to ensure the end product you receive is the best in Europe.

After the farm visits we will come back to Isle of Ely Produce HQ for some light refreshments & then some short great presentations from key people in the industry. The day is backed by Friars Pride, Drywite, Larchwood Foods, Middleton Foods, and DIVAA potatoes.

Ryan Baker from Middleton Foods said, "Last year’s event was a real eye-opener for those who attended. Everyone learnt something new, and to help finance something like this is a win-win for all concerned.”

It is hoped then that many people will stay on in Ely and then meet up later for a meal and a few drinks whilst discussing the latest trends in the industry and how everyone can get involved with promoting fish and chips!

To take part (the day is free) e-mail your details to Or phone Isle of Ely Produce on 01353 863355.

This FREE event will be first come first served and is expected to fill up soon. Maximum two people per shop/company please.

If you are a supplier and would like to help sponsor the day and attend please call Austen Dack on 07863 123 929 or e-mail him at

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