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Fish Friers

Foundry 34 in Penrith predicts a riot!

Article Date: 2014-07-14

At the weekend a group of 9 consisting of Ricky and Nick from the band The Kaiser Chiefs were recommended by the locals to visit Foundry 34 in Penrith – and the shop didn’t disappoint.

Initially the shop, owned by Dan Harding, could not seat them all for nearly an hour, so Dan recommended they try another restaurant. Ricky, Nick and their tour manager were adamant that this was the restaurant for them, so all three were seated before anyone recognised them.

Tucking in to steak, fish and chips and homemade steak burger, followed by desserts, the famous three enjoyed their food in peace. 


After their meal, Dan’s sister kindly asked if we could have a photo and they were more than happy to oblige. Nick said he really enjoyed his meal and would be back when next in the area! On the way out they did get recognised and were mobbed by a small crowd. That’s rock n roll!

Fish Friers