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Fish Friers

Former City lawyer finds inspiration at Frankie’s

Article Date: 2015-03-25

A former City of London lawyer who has decided to swap his career for a life in the fish and chip trade has been working at Frankie’s.

Alex Smiley is about to open Lucca’s between Surbiton and Kingston Upon Thames in London.

But before receiving the keys to his shop, he travelled to Shetland to gain some experience working with the staff of the UK’s No.1 fish and chip shop, including manager Carlyn Kearney and owner Valerie Johnson.

Alex, originally from Scotland, said: "I’ve learned a lot from Carlyn and Valerie, Frankie’s is a new model of fish and chip shop.

"They are super organised and they have an incredibly detailed knowledge of the fish and chip trade.

"I just hope I can emulate them with Lucca’s, which will be all about giving suburban Londoners a really quality product in attractive surroundings.”

Carlyn said: "It was great having Alex working with us in the shop – we are always delighted to help our friends in the trade.

"He put a lot of effort in and asked a lot of questions, which is how we learned our way when we established Frankie’s. We wish him the very best of luck with Lucca’s.”

Fish Friers