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Food allergy information rules have had a positive impact!

Article Date: 2017-07-18

As a food business, you have a legal right to serve safe food. That includes giving your customers, including those with allergies, food they can trust.

Food allergies can cause life-threatening reactions; and the main cause of food allergy deaths in the UK is allergic reactions caused by food consumed outside the home.

With around two million allergic consumers in the UK, providing good allergy information is good for business. New research by the Food Standards Agency, published today,shows strong evidence that allergy information rules introduced in 2014 havehad a positive impact. The research found that improved confidence in allergen information ledtofood-allergic customers eatingout more frequently and that they were more likely to return to,and recommend,venues with staff that were helpful and attentive about their allergen needs.

You can find free downloadable allergen resources to help your business, here:

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