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Fisherman^s Mission receives support from HRH The Prince of Wales

Article Date: 2014-05-15

HRH The Prince of Wales Offers Support to Fishermen


HRH The Prince of Wales has made a donation towards the work of national charity, the Fishermen’s Mission (Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen).


During the winter months, fishermen based in storm battered coastal communities suffered the full impact of severe storms. Opportunities to head to sea and catch fish were rare. 

Fishermen faced the difficult decision of putting to sea, risking life and dangerous sea conditions or being unable to pay bills. Many fishermen, particularly those in coves, with tidal

restricted harbours and those launched from beaches, were unable to fish from December to March.


The winter storms prevented fishing, caused the loss of fishing equipment, smashed harbours and boats, and in extreme situations boats were lost in the harbour.


Fishing is a way of life that is often passed from generation to generation. There are, therefore, many families who have suffered great deprivation and distress during these times. 

The Fishermen’s Mission is privileged to be the only national charity that works solely to provide welfare and practical support to our fishermen.


David Dickens, Chief Executive of the Fishermen’s Mission says, ‘In February the Fishermen’s Mission launched an emergency appeal and encouraged fishermen to come forward if they needed financial support.  Since that time we have distributed £330,000 throughout the UK, supporting 650 fishermen and their families from this emergency fund.


‘We are extremely grateful for the donation from HRH The Prince of Wales. We are aware that he takes a keen interest in our work and the welfare of UK fishermen and he is personally

Involved through his ‘Fishing into the Future’ initiative’.


‘Not only does his gift help enormously to raise continued awareness of the plight of our fishermen, it affirms His Royal Highnesses much appreciated support. Furthermore, it helps deepen

the alignment of fishermen and farmers as the backbone of coastal and rural communities who have so much in common’.


A Royal Communications spokesperson said: ^During Royal visits, and through his work with Fishing into the Future, The Prince of Wales has met a large number of fishermen from all around the UK. His Royal Highness was very troubled to hear how they and their communities have been affected by the severe winter weather. The Prince sincerely hopes his donation will help the Fishermen^s Mission to support fishing communities during this difficult time.^


If you would like to know more about the work of the Fishermen’s Mission you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter and visit their website Telephone 01489 566910 or email

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