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Fish Friers

Fish & Chips: A History

Article Date: 2014-10-20

Professor, and, Author Panikos Panayi and his new book will feature in our review!

In issue 7 of the Fish Friers Review, you can look forward to a sneak peek inside this wondrous book, delving into the history of fish and chips, an insightful and intriguing book with plenty to offer readers. On behalf of the federation, we would like to thank Panikos for choosing to feature us in ‘Fish and Chips, A history^ and we here at the federation were thoroughly impressed with the in depth insight into the history of fish and chips; and learning about some surprising new things!

Look out for Panikos’ article in Issue 8 of the Fish Frier’s Review due for publication on the 31st October 2014

Fish Friers