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Fish & Chip Lovers Wanted for Channel 4^s Trick of the Restaurant

Article Date: 2017-05-26

Calling all fish and chip shop owners ad customers.

Celebrate your local chippy by sending us your photos or short videos for a chance to see them on TV later this year!

Whether it’s capturing the Friday & Saturday night queues, how mouth-watering your meal looks, or why you think your local chippy is the best, we want to hear from you.


Please contact us to find out more:



DISCLAIMER: For any fish and chip shop owners who would like to film their own home videos (perhaps from behind the counter or of any queues outside or simply their customers tucking in) we ask that you please record yourself telling everyone that you are filming for a story on fish and chips which might be on TV, and get them to confirm on camera that they’re happy with this.  It can be a general shout out to the restaurant - and we just need the customers to give a thumbs up or a simple ‘yeah!’ to the camera phone so that we know they consent to being filmed.

Filming Notice Warning - Download by clicking here


Fish Friers