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Fish and Chip Shop Portion Scoop

Article Date: 2017-01-06

Award winning Lincolnshire chippy Burton Road approached Hopkins to develop a chip scoop after they realised they were losing £300 every week by serving portions with too many chips.

The bespoke chip scoop provides standard portion sizes to customers increasing margins and reducing waste.

Owners Lesley Graves and Des Anastasiou said "We’ve been developing our chip scoop for a number of years to give our customers and staff a visual guide to our portion sizes. The scoop has also helped us improve our margins. We know that we can now serve 44 portions of chips out of one bag of potatoes, and we can give customers exactly the right portion for their appetite.”

Recent researchcarried out by Seafish and AHDB Potatoes reveals that 15% of consumers think that chip portions are too big, and 44% often throw some of their chips in the bin. The research also highlighted that while people in the UK love to eat fish and chips, 33% of people would eat it more often if they were offered a variety of portion sizes.

The small and medium chip scoops are available now from Hopkins spares department.

Small scoop – 6 ounce portion £51.00 plus VAT and P&P

Medium scoop – 10 ounce portion £55.00 plus VAT and P&P

Call 0113 257 7934 and selection option 2 to speak to our spares department to purchase your scoops.

£2 from every scoop sold will be donated to Fishermans Mission

The Fishermen’s Missionis the only fishermen’scharitythat provides emergency support alongside practical, financial, spiritual and emotional care.Theyhelp all fishermen, active orretired, and their families.


Fish Friers