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Drywite Appoints Three New Directors

Article Date: 2018-02-20

Fish and chip shop supplier Drywite Limited has made three internal appointments to its Board of Directors.

Drywite Limited statement from Kelvin Lee, Managing Director

Although we had a very sad start to this year, I am now very pleased to bring you better news with the announcement of three new appointments to Drywite Limited’s Board of Directors.

Susan Grant has been appointed as Finance and Administration Director, Dr Matthew Cave has become Operations Director and Martin Clark is now Sales and Marketing Director.

Susan, Matthew and Martin have worked extremely well together as our senior management team for some time and I am confident, as we celebrate our 85th year, these appointments will secure the long-term future for Drywite in all sectors, ensuring continued growth as we further progress with investing in our business.


Kelvin Lee

Managing Director

Drywite Ltd




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