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Don^t Misss This Funding Opportunity For Staff Training

Article Date: 2012-10-12

Do you have any female employees who would benefit from some industry training (including distance learning)?

If the answer is YES we need you to act NOW.

We^re working with Seafish to try to secure some funding for fish and chip shop staff training through the ‘Women in Work^ project.

This provides an opportunity for a reimbursement of the cost of training, but the trainee must be female, currently employed in the UK food industry and intending to complete the training before the end of February 2013. But funds are limited so you NEED TO ACT QUICKLY!

All you need to do at this stage is to tell us the trainees name and we^ll do the rest.

Please respond either by replying to this email or ringing us on 0113 230 7044.

Fish Friers