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Cymtec launch ^Goldilock^ - The complete solution to temperature monitoring

Article Date: 2012-10-31

Regular manual temperature monitoring – usually three times a day – is a hoop that all fish and chip establishments need to jump through. But there is another way.   Brought to you by NFFF Associate Members - Cymtec, the Goldilock system automatically monitors the temperature of a venues refrigeration and freezer units.   The Goldilock system is able to monitor temperatures of up to 100 degrees, meaning that the cold to hot chain is completely covered.   "I am able to see at a glance that all of my units are running as they should be, and have been able to save money through the reduction of energy wastage caused by incorrect temperature settings^, says Ian Robson, proprietor of the Magpie Restaurant, Whitby.   "The system has also freed up staff time for them to attend to other duties, thus making better use of my resources. The reports produced will be invaluable to me in inspections and also highlight to the inspectorate my dedication to consumer safety. I recently achieved 5 stars during my score on the door inspection”   For more information please visit the Goldilock website

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