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Fish Friers

Crinkle In Time

Article Date: 2015-02-11

Starting in the industry as a Saturday girl at just 14-years of age, working for chip shop owners Violet and Dennis Fusco at Fusco’s of Whitby, Carol fell in love and eventually married their son Peter, buying the Royal Fisheries from them in 1979.Building up the business together, she helped realise Peter’s dream of having his own chip shop on Whitby quayside in 1999, and, when he sadly passed away in 2006, she continued to offer first-class frying at the helm of the Fusco business, and as a single mum, ran three successful fish and chips shops and restaurants with the help of her four children. Under her leadership – rare in an industry dominated by men – Quayside has won a raft of national awards including, most recently, ‘Independent Takeaway Fish & Chip Shop of the Year 2014’."Fish and chips have given me an incredible career and a bright future for my children,” says Carol. "And part of the nation’s culinary heritage for more than 150 years, we’re proud to continue to put this uniquely British dish on the gourmet map. Whether crinkled or straight, our beef-dripping chips, cut from local potatoes, aren’t just a side order; they’re the main event!”

Fish Friers