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Connect Your Business - To Google Street View!

Article Date: 2016-06-02

The NFFF, together with Google Street View | Trusted Photographer, Edwin Devey are working together to ensure you can benefit from the world^s biggest search engine. No website needed.

Attract none-local customers, improve local community loyalty, build a following with increased awareness of the healthier advantages of Fish and Chips over other takeaway choices. Become the community takeaway of choice.

The benefits go much beyond being ^found^ in search. You can use the tour facility - even though this may be only a few steps, in most cases - to promote and engage with the public, regularly and freely. No more advertising spend.

How it works

First, you will need a free Gmail account (unless you already have one).
Second, you need to make a Buisness Page. Most shops over 2 years old will already have one.
Third you will need some great content on it - a virtual tour.
(Free instructions and support accompany the published tour notification.)

Costs to NFFF Members
Photography Fee - a walk into fish and chip shop being the standard - £45.
Photography Fee - a fish and chip bar and restaurant - £90.
Fee in all cases to be paid on booking or cash on day of photography.
(Tours cannot be removed by me once published)


All you need to do!

  • Sign up with the form below, for the deal secured by the NFFF
  • Help with setting up your page is available free of charge
  • This offer is only available through Edwin Devey in association with the NFFF
  • Training in the use of the virtual tour is free from Edwin Devey
  • Your details will not be shared with anyone
  • No ongoing fees or charges

For fruther information please visit

Fish Friers