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Colmans Seafood Temple in South Shields celebrates milestone anniversary

Article Date: 2018-05-29

Colmans Seafood Temple in South Shields, the latest venture of the Colman family celebrated its first milestone on May 26.

The Colman name is well established in South Shields and further afield, given that the family-run business began in 1926, and has been serving up its famous fish and chips for over 100 years.

Richard Ord junior, owner of the Seafood Temple, said: “Celebrating our first big milestone is a fantastic achievement, for us as a family and for all the staff who work at the Temple.

“Our first year has been really successful and I am looking forward to celebrating many more years to come. Looking to the future, we have some really exciting plans. As a family, we are all very passionate about sustainability and are always looking for new ideas and ways to improve. This is something that we will continue to drive forward, as well as a range of new ideas and projects.”

For every lobster that’s sold, 50p is donated back to Northumberland Seafood Centre and Hatchery to release a young lobster back into the wild, as part of the restaurant’s buy one set one free scheme.

Richard Ord senior, who runs Colmans on Ocean Road, said: “It’s great to see the restaurant mark its first year. As Richard said, not only is it an achievement for our family, but our hardworking staff as well.

“The first year’s success is a reflection of the work and effort that has led us to this point. All the planning, development and restoring the much-loved Ghandi’s Temple to become what it is now.”

Alongside the main restaurant, which offers stunning coastal views, the Seafood Temple also consists of a cocktail and oyster bar offering an array of drinks, and a takeaway. 

Fish Friers