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Chippie Staff Chipper After Passing Food Industry Qualifications

Article Date: 2015-12-14

Staff members from a North Yorkshire chippie are feeling "chipper” after successfully passing a series of food industry exams. 

Six of the team at Scotts at Bilbrough – together with a colleague from their sister restaurant, Scotts of Hemlsey – have been awarded Food Safety qualifications at either Level 2 or Level 3.

In addition, following an inspection from the local environmental health officer, Scotts at Bilbrough has received a five star food hygiene rating.

To ensure the employees were fully up to date with all the latest industry legislation and best practise, Scotts owner Tony Webster brought in the expertise of Gale Filburn of Harrogate-based GRF Associates.

In doing so, Bilbrough manager Roxana Vasai, and Helmsley manager Natalie Fielding, now hold the Level 3 Food Safety certification. 

Mr Webster said: "I’m delighted for the team here at Bilbrough and very proud of the achievements of all Scotts employees in passing these exams.

"At Scotts we pride ourselves not only in the quality of our food and service, but also that our team are willing to study for exams that will benefit them, their colleagues and our customers.

"We took over Bilbrough 18 months ago and the team we have in place are doing a fantastic job. They are credit to themselves and the profession they are working in.

"I’d also like to say a huge thank you to Gale Filburn for ensuring when it came to the exam results we had a full house of passes.”

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