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Chicken Burgers taking centre stage

Article Date: 2016-08-25

Britain is a nation of burger lovers!

As the country celebrates #NationalBurgerDay, new research has revealed that burger fever is sizzling across the UK, with three out of five Britons visiting a burger outlet in the last three months.

As a result the burger market is booming and is now estimated to be worth a meaty £3.28 billion in 2016, up by 22% from £2.7 billion in 2011.

However, it’s not just beef burgers on the menu and here at Meadow Vale Foods, we’ve noted the rise of the chicken burger.

In a recent online survey, our friend Burger Lad® asked his followers if they prefer the beef or chicken version of a popular fast food chain’s promotional burger.

He found 51% of 680 voters opted for chicken as their favourite.

As the demand for chicken burgers rises, Meadow Vale Foods is releasing its new Homestyle range, which consists of whole muscle chicken products in an innovative textured coating.

Each portion is hand cut and hand coated, giving a home cooked feel to every piece.

One of Meadow Vale Foods’ most popular products among customers is the 110g Hot & Spicy Fillets (pictured) which is a fully cooked chicken breast fillet in a crispy, hot and spicy coating.


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