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CentralDish drives traffic to restaurants with real dish reviews

Article Date: 2016-06-03

JJ Food Service is the parent company of CentralDish – a new website which drives consumers to restaurants and takeaways using a rating system based on real customer images and reviews.

The website lets diners search for the best meals in their local area based on dish-specific ratings and images taken by other diners. Orders can be placed online directly via the platform.

Chief Executive Officer of CentralDish Rif Kiamil said, "Restaurants have told us how unfair review systems can be on other big takeaway sites. Central Dish is the end of fake reviews, sponsored listings and images that don’t reflect what you get. Our fairer system puts the best food first.”

More than 500 restaurants and takeaways are signed up to the website, which has received 25,000 ratings from diners. Chief Executive Office of JJ Food Service Mustafa Kiamil said, "Central Dish will help independent restaurants and takeaways to increase their visibility online while driving traffic to their virtual door step. We are proud to say that it’s backed exclusively by JJ Food Service, cementing our position as leaders in technology within the foodservice sector.”

To help drive consumers to the site, CentralDish is investing £10 million into marketing, including £5 off the first takeaway order placed via the website using the code dish5.

A monthly photo competition is also in place offering consumers £30 for the best photos. "At Central Dish, we believe photos are a big part of helping people to choose food they can enjoy. This means providing them with honest images of the dishes we offer on our platform”, said Rif.

CentralDish is available free-of-charge to all takeaways and restaurants. Every customer benefits from marketing support via Google, Facebook and Twitter. Visit: or email

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