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Celebrity chef John Torode makes waves with launch of omega-3 ^superfishoil^ health campaign

Article Date: 2016-02-11

John Torode, celebrity chef and MasterChef judge, is fronting #superfishoil, a new consumer campaign, which aims to encourage people to eat more fish rich in omega-3 by highlighting the significant health benefits. 

Spearheaded by Seafish, the industry authority on seafood, #superfishoilaims to motivate and inspire consumers to look at what they eat, comparing delicious and nutritious seafood as a healthier option for meals and snacks, instead of other higher in saturated fat, superficial takeaways and convenience meals – because it’s not superficial, it’s #superfishoil!

Launching this month, the #superfishoil campaign will be further supported by Heart Research UK, expert dietitian Juliette Kellow, and Professor Ed Rainger from the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences at the University of Birmingham. The initiative coincides with National Heart Month, a drive to promote a healthy lifestyle for a heathy heart, which runs throughout the month of February.

In the UK, there is an estimated 2.3 million people living with coronary heart disease, an illness which claims the lives of more Brits than any other. Omega-3 fatty acids help to maintain safe levels of triglycerides in our blood, a type of fat in the blood which, when raised, increases our risk of heart disease. 

Previous research by Seafish shows that seven in ten (73 per cent) adults in the UK don’t know how much fish they should eat a week in order to maintain good health and 96 per cent of adults don’t know the recommended amount of omega-3 fat they should have in one week. 

Businesses within the seafood trade have also been encouraged to get involved using a collection of marketing materials from a free downloadable toolkit. Collateral available includes social media posts, posters, sample media releases, and #superfishoilcompetition ideas to keep consumers hooked…line and sinker.

To highlight the health benefits of omega-3 found in oil-rich fish, a wealth of advice and recipe ideas, including two new dishes from John Torode specially created for the campaign, are now available from Seafish on its consumer online platform, Fish is the Dish at, to encourage people across the UK to increase their intake of this essential fatty acid. 

His recipes are a grilled mackerel and beetroot salad and a crab and smoked mackerel with sourdough toast.

John Torode, Masterchef judge, celebrity chef and restaurateur, gives the #superfishoilcampaign his backing, saying:

"I support the ‘Superfishoil’ campaign from Seafish and hope that it will encourage people to eat more seafood, especially oily fish!

"There’s a wide variety of delicious and affordable produce out there, from mackerel and kippers to sardines and crab, and seafood is so versatile - it can be used to make so many fantastic dishes!

"I hope this campaign will help communicate the numerous health benefits associated with Omega-3 rich seafood, including that it’s packed with vitamins and minerals and helps maintain a healthy heart and cholesterol.”

Health experts recommend consumers enjoy at least two servings of fresh, nutritious and affordable seafood a week, one of which should be of an oil-rich variety such as sardines, mackerel, herring, tuna, trout or salmon.

Expert dietitian, Juliette Kellow, who will share insight on how oily fish can provide numerous health benefits for the body, says:

"Research shows that not enough people are aware that they should be eating at least two portions of seafood per week, with one oily portion, and that this could come from a vast array of species including mackerel and sardines,to name but a few.

"Shellfish like crab and prawns are also good sources. The high omega-3 content that many fish carry has been linked to various health benefits, including helping the heart to work normally,maintaining normal blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels (a type of blood fat), contributing to normal brain development and being important for our eyesight and brain function.

"I’d encourage people to incorporate more oil-rich fish and seafood into their diet, it’s nutritious, versatile and affordable – perfect for everyone.”

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Mel Groundsell, Corporate Relations Director at Seafish said: 

"When it comes to staying healthy, there’s one food we should all be eating more of – and that’s seafood. In particular we want to showcase the many health benefits omega-3 can provide and show consumers just how easy it can be to make a really positive impact on their heart health.

"Thanks to backing and support from John, Juliette, Ed and Heart Research UK we’re hoping to reach audiences far and wide.”

For more information consumers are encourage to access the official omega-3 hub on the Fish is the Dish website:

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