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British Takeaway Campaign welcomes move by Newcastle University and Henry Colbeck to offer smaller fish and chip portions

Article Date: 2019-02-07

Commenting on the collaboration between Newcastle University and Henry Colbeck Limited on reduced-calorie fish and chip meals, British Takeaway Campaign Chair Ibrahim Dogus said:

"Takeaways across the country are committed to helping customers to make healthier choices, and this is an excellent example of the practical action being taken by the sector to make that happen.

"The vast majority of takeaways are already making real progress, with 73% offering smaller portion sizes.The British Takeaway Campaign – in collaboration with its members, including the National Federation of Fish Friers – launched a Takeaway Toolkit, a set of foursimple, practical steps that businesses can take to promote healthy eating. The steps include offering smaller portion sizes, using healthier cooking methods, not adding salt after cooking and providing water and low-sugar drinks –simple options, which when taken together,can make a big difference.

"More can be done to support consumers to make healthier choices. Thisis why we are calling on the Government to work with us by providing a free online calorie calculator to help takeaways provide consistent and reliable nutritional information to their customers. 9 in 10 of takeaway restaurants say they would use such a tool if it was available.”

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