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Article Date: 2015-02-03

With Chip Week 2015 fast approaching (16-22 February), Potato Council has produced a brand new ‘Tips for Healthier Chips’ poster to help chip shop owners adopt best practice frying methods. As well as proactively taking steps to make healthier chips at a time of increased awareness, the poster is a valuable training tool for staff.


The eye-catching poster is available to download and print free-of-charge from Designed to be displayed in staff areas of chip shop businesses, the poster addresses preparation issues, cooking techniques and portion sizes. The initiative is supported by The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF), Seafish and The National Edible Oil Distributors^ Association (NEODA).


Potato Council marketing manager, Kate Cox, said: "With planning for Chip Week underway, it is important that all chip shop staff are equipped with the correct knowledge in order to produce healthier and tastier chips. The fun yet informative poster aims to unite the industry and its passion for producing great chips. This will ensure that approved cooking procedures are being followed throughout the country so that the nation continues to enjoy great chip shop chips.

"The poster has backing from the NFFF, Seafish and NEODA – organisations which all take pride in producing quality chips. Including the latest tips and advice, the poster is perfect for chip shop owners who want to keep up to speed with best practice frying methods.”


Potato Council continues to actively support the chipping sector throughout the year with its Chip Skills Programme, which aims to improve quality and sales year round. The programme also addresses handling, storage and preparation issues, as well as providing marketing advice to help chip shop owners promote their own business.


As part of its successful Chips Skills Programme, Potato Council is offering chip shops year-round promotional material. The generic point-of-sale kits will be available to businesses from June 2015 and will include posters, window stickers and loyalty cards, which can be used throughout the year.


If you would like to pre-order a FREE kit email


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