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Boat to plate: Hillycroft Fisheries commits to sourcing sustainable haddock

Article Date: 2019-03-11

Hillycroft Fisheries in Morley, Leeds, have earned the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) sustainable fish certification which means they can now use the MSC blue fish label on haddock suppers. The label assures eco-savvy customers that the fish they are eating has been caught sustainably. It also means it can be traced all the way back to the sea.  

Recent research* has shown concern for the future of our fish and chip suppers, with 83% of seafood diners agreeing that we need to protect seafood for future generations. It also shows that 8 in 10 seafood diners (81%) want sustainability claims independently verified.  

Owner Rafael Chandler, who has been in the fish and chip industry for over 18 years, is passionate about delivering the best quality sustainable fish and chips. Rafael has also been a board member and training course instructor at the National Federation of Fish Friers and a trainer for Florigo, promoting best practice for the future of the industry.

Having the MSC blue fish label on the menu means Hillycroft Fisheries’ haddock is traceable back through the supply chain – from certified sustainable boats to the final point of sale in their shop. Hillycroft jointly applied for the National Federation of Fish Friers Quality Award and MSC certification, reducing cost and administrative burden.  

Rafael Chandler , owner of Hillycroft Fisheries, said: “I decided to become MSC certified as I wanted to use my business to promote fish and chips as a sustainable meal. I am passionate about delivering excellent customer service and by displaying the blue ecolabel it demonstrates to our customers that the haddock we sell is from a sustainable source. It is important that as a nation we protect the fish in our oceans, so it can be enjoyed by future generations.I also hope this will encourage our customers to look out for and purchase MSC certified seafood elsewhere like at the supermarket. I am proud that my fish and chip business is the first one in Morley to be MSC certified and I am honored that myself and my team can promote the brand of sustainable seafood in this manner”

Loren Hiller, Commercial Officer at MSC, said: “Hillycroft Fisheries should be proud for getting the MSC blue fish label on their menu and sourcing 100% sustainable, traceable haddock. They clearly take pride in how they source their fish. From the sea to their customers’ plates, they show the passion for their produce and the food they serve. Well done!”

Becoming MSC certified is easier thanks to a partnership between MSC and the NFFF. Restaurants or shops that already hold a Quality Award can apply for MSC certification at a discounted price. Visit this page for more details.   
The MSC blue fish label makes it easy for all consumers to choose seafood which has been caught by fishermen who care for the environment and are ensuring that there are plenty more fish in the sea for future generations. 
 *The survey was conducted by research agency Globescan, using reliable national consumer research panels to recruit respondents. Fieldwork was undertaken between 12th January and 10th March 2018. Total sample size was 1,315 and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+). 

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