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Best Newcomer Reports ‘Phenomenal Sales’

Article Date: 2015-06-15

Shap Chippy, winner of Best Newcomer Award have seen a dramatic increase in their sales. "Trade has been phenomenal” says Georgina Perkins of Shap.

"Months after the competition we are still getting new customers on a daily basis. Sales are up by 35%. We are exhausted but still loving it.”

The Best Newcomer Award, sponsored by Frymax ,is open to all fish and chip shops who opened after 1st October 2013 and where the entrant has not previously owned, managed or run a fish and chip shop.

Jo Hampson and Georgina Perkins, owners of Shap Chippy encourage newcomers to enter this award. "Having seen the benefits we have obtained it’s a no brainer. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. At the entry level it encourages you to look carefully at all aspects of your business to ensure you make the best possible pitch. The top ten shops then receive a mystery visit and feedback from a leading fryer on food quality and customer service. If you are fortunate and reach the final three then there is local publicity which helps the business and also a further visit and feedback on all aspects of your operation. Finally of course , it’s fantastic to win. It’s great for staff motivation and for customer excitement and naturally there is the benefit of increased business. The fact that a shop in a small village can win the award means that everybody has a chance”

To enter download the entry form

The closing date for entry is 17thJuly 2015

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