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Armstrongs sees sales increase by 21% thanks to bigger pie trial

Article Date: 2017-03-29

Manchester-based Armstrongs Fish & Chips has reported a 21% increase in pie sales following the introduction of Holland’s Pies’ new BIG EATS range.

The new BIG EATS pie range, available exclusively to chip shops, has seen Holland’s enhance its popular pie range with a 25% larger product that offers the same great tasting fillings at no extra cost. Created to provide loyal customers with a competitive edge whilst ensuring consumers get the most for their money, the pies were initially trialled in January. And, having worked with the Holland’s for over 27 years selling its much-loved pie & pudding range, Armstrongs was one of the first chippies to trial and introduce the range.

A family business established in 1989, Armstrongs has gone from strength to strength, expanding from one shop into two and it is now renowned as one of the best chippies in Manchester. Home to the legendary Jumbo Cod, the chippy is already familiar with the benefits of offering customers more for their money so it was quick to champion Holland’s Pies’ move to a larger product.

By utilising POS sale support packs to help promote the new offering, as well as posters detailing the new range, Armstrongs has worked tirelessly to communicate the change it has introduced with Holland’s and the reasons behind it. This proactive approach to maximising the launch, along with Armstrongs’ understanding of its customers, has resulted in a great success story for the chip shop – not only in terms of customer feedback but sales of the pies too. Ben Armstrong runs one of Armstrongs’ two branches, alongside his sister and parents, and explains how the chippy has reaped the rewards of the BIG EATS initiative:

"Armstrongs welcomed the BIG EATS collection to our pie offering without hesitation – there was nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. So many of our customers are already passionate about the Holland’s brand – they will ask specifically for a Holland’s Pie when they walk through our door, over any other pie we sell. So, the change to start selling the new Holland’s BIG EAT pie range has been a welcome one. As our customers really are getting more for their money, the pies have been very well received.

"One of the biggest changes we’ve seen is that sales have increased considerably since we introduced the BIG EAT pie range - so we really are benefiting as a business. It’s bringing more people through the doors as the word has spread, and our customers are valuing the fact we’re giving them more bang for their buck – their loyalty is invaluable and we expect it to continue. 

Ben continues: "On the back of this, we’ve actually decided to expand our range of Holland’s Pies, as we previously sold just two of the classic flavours. We now sell all four flavours including Peppered Steak and Cheese & Onion. Because of the packed-full filling these new pies provide, they’ve proven to be extremely popular and it’s great to be able to expand our offering for our customers so they have more choice available to them.

"I’d recommend the BIG EAT range to anyone. It’s a fantastic product range and a great opportunity to reward the loyalty of your own customers and win some business from new Holland’s fans in your local area too!” 

Chris Clark, Van Sales Manager at Holland’s, said: "We’ve worked with Armstrongs for almost three decades and have had the pleasure of watching the business grow at a fantastic rate during this time. There are so many reasons for this success, from the chips served to the welcome you get when you walk in, but the dedication the team shows to new launches and maximising its relationships with suppliers and customers is one of its strongest qualities.

"From the moment we introduced the BIG EAT pie concept to Ben and his team, they have played a key part in its success. Whether it was taking part in the trial, sharing product feedback or promoting the range with customers, Armstrongs has made the most of every opportunity presented. We were delighted to hear about the business’ sales increase from the BIG EAT pie range and we look forward to even more great victories together in the future!”

Since introducing the BIG EATS pie range earlier this year, Holland’s has already reported an average sales increase of 19 per cent across its exclusive chip shop pie range. With growth established in all four flavour profiles, the Cheese and Onion and Peppered Steak varieties are performing particularly well with a 59% uplift in sales secured for the brand new Peppered Steak option.

Chippies wanting to find out more information about the full Holland’s range can email phone 01706 212122.

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