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Are you a new restaurant / cafe and want to be on TV? Read on...

Article Date: 2013-05-08


A new TV series which will be transmitting in a prime time slot on a major channel seeks to help new food business start-ups get underway with their proposed restaurant/pub/cafe business or deli.

It is difficult to open a restaurant at the best of times, let alone during a recession, but their estaurateur-presenter has defied the odds and successfully opened 5 restaurants in the last 3 years. He believes that the early stages of the business are crucial and wants to work with 6 entrepreneurs, across the UK, as they set out on their first venture. 

With their mentor’s advice, they seek to follow the journey of the new starters as they get premises, renovate, hire staff through to fitting out the premises with all the right equipment, creating the menu, opening night and beyond. Ideally, they are looking for people who have firm ideas and ambitions of what they’d like to achieve. They want their presenter to work with people who have courage in their convictions and will share with them the advantages and pitfalls of becoming an independent restaurateur or publican for the first time. 

Logistically, filming would be spread out over a matter of months (depending on timeframe for each project) and would take place at key stages (e.g. creating menu, designing, hiring staff, finishing touches, opening night and a month or so down the line). Ideally, the new businesses would be opening July/August allowing time at the other side for them to effectively chart the (hopeful!) initial success of each business. 

If you are looking to start up a restaurant / cafe business, please e-mail Sarah at for further details.


Fish Friers