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Adande and Carpigiani introduce soft serve ice cream dessert workstations

Article Date: 2015-08-13

Foodservice refrigeration specialist, Adande®, and ice cream equipment manufacturer, Carpigiani, have consolidated their relationship with the introduction of a new range of self-contained soft serve ice cream and yoghurt workstations. The units provide a ready to dispense source of soft serve ice cream, which may also be used to create a variety of desserts, including smoothies, sundaes, waffles and crepes. The workstations provide complete solutions for the storage, production, dressing and plating of cold desserts and are suitable for restaurants, hotels, pubs, ice cream parlours, leisure venues and casual dining operations. With a compact footprint of just 1100 mm width by 700 mm depth, the dessert workstations are ideal for operations with limited floor space.


The workstations are available in a variety of configurations to meet desired capacity, including a layout which has a countertop Carpigiani 191 G AV soft serve ice cream unit mounted on an Adande® two drawer refrigerator. The worktop of the Adande® unit can also accommodate additional equipment, such as a cream whipper, waffle iron, blender or crepe iron, providing the capacity to produce a variety of desserts.


The user friendly, menu driven 191 G machine has a hopper capacity for 12L of base liquid mix and is capable of producing 240 x 75g portions of soft serve ice cream per hour. Base mix ingredients are chilled in the Carpigiani unit before being beaten and aerated. The aeration process increases the volume of ice cream produced to 140% of the base mix, for maximum yield and increased profit. A patented freezing system ensures a very small ice crystal for a smooth consistency and a perfect texture.


The ability to set precise and accurate temperatures in the Adande®drawers has particular advantages for the dessert workstation. One of the drawers of the Adande® unit may be used for the storage of pre-prepared desserts, with the temperature set at –14oC, which is the perfect temperature for soft serve ice cream. The other drawer may be set at + 4oC for the storage of complementary ingredients, such as fruit, toppings, dressings and sauces. The chilled drawer may also be used for chilling dessert plates and sundae glasses.

The Adande®units are castor mounted, allowing them to be moved easily for cleaning regimes. The drawers and the soft serve ice cream machine each operate on a 13 Amp power supply and, with no plumbing or water supply required, installation is simple.

Karl Hodgson, Sales Director, Adande®, stated:"The combination of the Adande® refrigerated unit and the Carpigiani soft serve ice cream machine provides a good fit for a wide variety of foodservice operators, who are seeking to expand their dessert menus.”

Carpigiani has recently opened a development kitchen at which chefs and ice cream operators can gain first hand experience of the dessert workstations. Appointments for demonstrations at the Carpigiani facility are available upon request.

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