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A weighty prize for three lucky 42nd Street Sausages Winners!

Article Date: 2016-10-24

This year saw Fish and Chip businesses in with the chance of winning their weight in 42nd Street Classic Sausages, UK’s number 1 Fish and Chip Shop sausage.

The competition ran exclusively through Q Partnership members Henry Colbeck, V A Whitley and Friars Pride, ensuring that every case purchased throughout July and August would guarantee entry into the prize draw.

One of the three lucky winners was Antonios Fantis of Red House Plaice, who was thrilled with his prize, presented by Doug Watts of Friars Pride, "I love 42nd Street Classic Sausages so I am very happy to win this prize, which is worth over £1,000!”

Served battered or simply fried, every 42ndStreet Classic Sausage continues to be a favourite within Fish and Chip shops throughout the nation. Produced from only quality prime cuts of pork, The 42ndStreet Classic Sausage has been specially developed to ensure a delicious flavour profile combined with a succulent yet firm bite. The high pork content of 50% is what makes The 42ND Street Classic Sausage truly special – this percentage of pork means that it can justifiably be called a pork sausage – a status not many others can claim!

Why not boost sales even further in your business by promoting your 42nd Street Classic Sausage menu option by taking advantage of FREE point of sale; whether its posters, digital menu material or door signs, there is something to catch your hungry customers eye.

42nd Street Classic Sausages are exclusively available from The Q Partnership; Henry Colbeck, V A Whitley and Friars Pride.

Call today to fry the benefits of 42nd Street Classic Sausages in your business:

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