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Fish Friers

A Taste of Lancashire !

Article Date: 2016-03-15



Holland’s, Lancashire’s best-known producers of pies and puddings for over 165 years, and Seniors, one of Lancashire’s leading chain of fish & chip shops are proud to announce their partnership plans.

Holland’s will provide a range of classic pies and puddings for Seniors to supply to its fish and chips shops in Bispham, Blackpool, Lytham and Thornton. Best-selling products, from Holland’s, offered via Seniors will include Steak Pudding, Potato & Meat Pie, Cheese & Onion Pie, Chicken & Mushroom Pie and Steak Pie.

Famous for its rich, tasty fillings, traditional baking methods and, of course, its unique shortcrust pastry, Holland^s uses only the freshest vegetables, prime cuts of 100% British meat and locally sourced mature cheddar cheese to make up its tasty, mouth watering savoury selection.

Holland’s unmistakable blend of shortcrust pastry contains less fat than a standard shortcrust pastry, and its firm texture means that the pie can withstand long periods of time in the pie warmer without affecting the quality of the pie.

"We are very happy with our new partnership with Seniors, one of the leading fish and chip businesses in Lancashire,” commented Chris Clark, Van Sales Manager at Holland’s.

"Seniors is a perfect partner for us to work with, synonymous with quality and fish & chip shops”

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Fish Friers