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Fish Friers

‘Open or wrapped..?!’...Starting on Radio 4 Monday the 29th of September 2014

Article Date: 2014-09-16

Food writer, Home Economist and Food stylist Alison Clarkson follows 8 people on a course in Leeds specialising in how to run their very own Fish & Chip shop.

For generations, the meal has been a constant favourite with thousands, if not millions of people across Britain. Churchill called them ‘the good companion’, and John Lennon loved his with tomato ketchup! This series follows a three day course run by the National Federation of Fish Friers in Leeds. There are several courses held throughout the year, each one taking the students through the requirements involved in running your own shop- from fish preparation and battering; health and safety, to the legal and financial issues inherent in the business.

These students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from the finance industry to a retired musician; opticians to a newsagent. Two have ventured from France, one from Hamburg especially to attend the course, with the others coming Yorkshire and London. Perhaps they are a true reflection of the socio-economic situation of today’s Britain. As well as following these 8, the programmes also trace the history and development of selling chips with leading members of ^Seafish^, the industry Authority and other Chip shop owners.

The meal became popular in the early part of the nineteenth century as a result of the rapid growth of trawl fishing in the North Sea. In its heyday there were approximately thirty thousand fish and chip shops in Britain. Today the number is around twelve thousand. The acclaimed 5 out of 5, AA Rosette and multi Michelin Star award winning chef Jean-Christophe Novelli discusses his love and respect for our traditional meal, and we ultimately follow up the featured members of the course, six months after attending it. How do you like the meal – ‘Open or wrapped..?!’
Fish Friers