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Article Date: 2015-10-21

Refrigeration specialist, Adande®, has teamed up with to offer a range of workstations for the storage, preparation, sous vide cooking, blast chilling, reheating and service of food. Designed as totally integrated and self-contained solutions, the units are particularly suitable for fine dining, gastropubs, quick service restaurants, sports’ stadia, the leisure sector, outdoor mobile catering and any environment where there is a requirement for the fast service of quality hot food.

The units are available in a variety of configurations, but typically comprise a self-contained under counter module, designed and specified by and fabricated by

I-Line Counters, incorporating a vacuum chamber sealer and two 28 litre or one 56 litre capacity stirred water bath. The unit is suited with an Adande® two drawer module, which has an induction hot plate mounted on its work surface.

The workstations are designed to accommodate the storage of raw food, at chilled temperatures, in the bottom drawer of the Adande®unit, before being vacuum sealed in a pouch and transferred to the stirred water baths. Thermostatic control of the water baths’ 2 kW element and constant agitation of the water, within the baths, ensure accurate temperature, within a range of 20oC to 100oC, and the elimination of hot or cold spots for perfect cooking conditions. The water baths’ controllers incorporate a ‘set it and forget it’ function, allowing food to be cooked to a specific core temperature within a fraction of a degree. When cooked, the vacuum packed food is transferred to the top drawer of the Adande®unit, configured as a blast chiller, for fast pull down to a food safe temperature of below 4oC. For service, food is reheated and ‘browned’ on an induction hot plate mounted on the worktop of the Adande®unit. The worktop of the Adande® may also be used as a service counter.

Sous vide or ‘under vacuum’ cooking has become increasingly popular with a wide range of chefs and foodservice operators. It allows slower cooking at lower core temperatures, eliminating the possibility of overcooking and drying out, whilst preserving the food’s original taste, texture, colour and nutrients. Sous vide cooking also eliminates food shrinkage to ensure maximum yield. The process is suitable for a wide range of food, including meat, fish vegetables and even eggs. 

Karl Hodgson, UK Sales Director, Adande®, stated:

"We have worked closely with to produce a totally integrated system for sous vide cooking and the associated processes. There is nothing else like it on the market and we view the workstation as an ideal solution for the increasing number of chefs and foodservice operators, who are adopting this cooking technique.”

Alex Shannon, Managing Director,, added:

Fish Friers